Pilates Classes

Reformer / Tower

The Reformer is the most utilized piece of Joseph Pilates’s equipment. It is based on the use of spring tension and allows for the progressive use of resistance to strengthen, stretch and align the body. This piece of equipment can be used for over 100 distinct exercises.  At Pilates on Broadway, we have the latest reformers available by Balanced Body, each with their own tower and infinity foot bar to provide the best workout to each client.


Teacher Training

PCS’s Teacher Training Full Course: This comprehensive 450-hour program is offered in a modular or comprehensive 15-week format. Courses will meet twice weekly for 3-4 hours per class. The class size is limited to ensure a high level of attention and service. A fully photographic Manual will be provided to you for the course or module(s) you will attend. Become a Pilates Instructor!

Dancer’s Workout / Ballet Barre Class

If you’ve ever wanted to know how dancers are so strong and lean try our Ballet Barre Class, you’ll understand the grueling training that dancer’s go through to present their art for us to enjoy. Don’t worry if you have never tried this type of workout before, you are in good hands and will soon become proficient! You should schedule a class!