Krista Overly: Certified Pilates Instructor

Krista Overly connected with Pilates during her first mat class in 2004. Her previous experience through a Pilates DVD had left her wanting, but it was the experience with a live teacher that led to the “a-ha!” From that moment on she knew that sharing Pilates with others was part of her path and since 2006 Krista has studied and taught Pilates in the Denver area.

Krista’s Pilates certification is through PhysicalMind Institute and she continues her education with Pilates teachers from around the world. She has completed workshops in osteoporosis protocols, chronic pain and exercise adaptation, musculo-skeletal issues, and Pilates for structural integration in the body, to name a few. She is deeply interested in the bodily connective tissue systems and how they are affected by movement.

From her Bachelor’s degree in Education through a Master’s in Spiritual Psychology Krista has always strives to help others grow stronger in all dimensions of their lives. She is also certified in Vinyasa Yoga (2004) , Anjali Yoga, a restorative yoga practice (2008), and as a Personal Fitness Trainer (2012).  Each of these movement modalities has added more knowledge and awareness of body, breath, and spirit. Most of all Krista enjoys helping her clients find deeper strength, stability, and flexibility through Pilates to carry into their busy lives.