Meet the Instructors

Sarah Smysor Panning: Owner

Pilates on Broadway, LLC in Denver, Colorado is owned and operated by Sarah Smysor Panning. Sarah’s Pilates training career began after working with two major league sports teams. Prior to becoming a pilates studio owner she had been training clients for eight years at a PhysicalMind Institute certifying studio, where she also taught certification courses and mentored students…[read more]

Krista Overly: Certified Pilates Instructor

Krista Overly connected with Pilates during her first mat class in 2004. Her previous experience through a Pilates DVD had left her wanting, but it was the experience with a live teacher that led to the “a-ha!” From that moment on she knew that sharing Pilates with others was part of her path and since 2006 Krista has studied and taught Pilates in the Denver area… [read more]

Ashley Taylor: Certified Pilates Instructor

Ashley added Pilates to her fitness routine in 2005 as a means of building core strength and improving overall muscle balance. As an avid skier, Ashley found that her leg strength was far greater than her upper body strength. Frustrated by a persistent neck injury and looking to gain upper body strength, Ashley discovered Pilates and a new passion at the suggestion of a physical therapist…[read more]